Alrugo is no more!

Ontem me deparei com a notícia de que a Alrugo, a companhia que produziu o Italian Spiderman, não existe mais.

É uma pena, o personagem é fenomenal.

Clique na imagem para ver a arte inteira versão desktop e procure Italian Spiderman no youtube pra conhecer os incríveis filmes.


~ by EvilKing on July 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Alrugo is no more!”

  1. Beautiful work as ever Danilo. You are an utter champion, and an absolutely magnificent artist. It would have been an unmitigated pleasure to actually put an Italian Spiderman comic book series out with you, and it’s a damned shame that it will most probably never happen. Seeing your work was one of the most enjoyable experiences in the whole Italian Spiderman story, for all of us at the now defunct Alrugo. Thank you again for being Mr Awesome in every way.
    We’ll always be your fans.

    • Thank you Will, but let me get this straight. You and the rest of Alrugo era the Mr Awesome bunch, and I am the fan! Thank you for Italian Spiderman!!!

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